Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Top 10 Hottest Wives of Baseball Players 2011

No. 10 — Diana Roberts
If you were one of the folks who used to read the men’s publication FHM, you might remember Diana (former last name: Chiafair). She was Miss FHM in 2006 and was also once a model on Deal Or No Deal.

She is now married to Second baseman Brian Roberts.

In case you cared, her last job was in pharmaceutical sales. She is of Swedish/Italian descent.
No. 9 — Erica Ellyson
Ellyson won Penthouse Playmate of the year in 2008, and is dating Boston Red Sox hurler Clay Bucholz.
No. 8 — Alicia Rickter
Alicia was born in September 1972, posed for Playboy in October 2005 (the 500th Playmate), and starred in Baywatch Hawaii. Other acting credits include the film Buying the Cow in 2002. Jerry O’Connell was the lead actor in Cow, if that tells you anything about whether or not you should add it to your Netflix queue.
Rickter loves art and the beach. “I really enjoy painting, it can be a very sexy and stimulating experience,” she said in 1997 in Playboy. The beach is also one of Alicia’s favorite places – “fun and sun in the ocean breeze, who could ask for anything more?”
No. 7 — Lisa Dergan
I couldn’t believe it either. Lisa is married to White Sox outfielder Scott Podsenik.
No. 6 — Heidi Hamels
Heidi Hamels, also known as Heidi Strobel, is a Playboy model and gained fame on CBS’s reality series,”Survivor” when she notoriously stripped naked in return for a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I actually thought Cole Hamels was a pole-smoker, but props to the girliest looking pitcher in MLB.
No. 5— Laura Cover
Laura Cover, you guessed it, is also a Playboy model, and is married to former Yankee third baseman, Aaron Boone.
No. 4 — Jamie Kotsay
In MVP 2004 for Playstation, I traded for Mark Kotsay. That was the last time I thought of him. Until now.
No. 3 — Anna Benson
This chick needs no intro. In 2006 and ’07, FHM voted her in the top 50 hottest women. She’s on the record saying she hates PETA, Michael Moore and gun control. Oh yeah, she’s married to ex-Mets scrub Kris Benson.
No. 2 — Minka Kelly
OK, so they’re not married, but how could I resist giving her No. 2 for No. 2?
Minka Kelly is officially Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive for 2010. The magazine settled down with her to discuss growin up, hobbies and her life. Congratulations to Minka on the amazing win. It’s definitely well deserved.
No. 1 — Shannon Schambeau
Meet Shannon Schambeau, the 2005 Miss D.C. and wife of former Washington Nationals pitcher John Patterson (he’s been recently picked up by the Texas Rangers – signing him to a minor league contract) . See photos and a biography of Shannon below.
Shannon Schambeau was born on January 12, 1981 in San Antonio, Florida, which makes her 27 years old. Since Shannon was in the 6th grade, she has been a volunteer for the Special Olympics. She currently works for the Special Olympics in the International headquarters in Washington, DC, where she is Manager for Donor Relationships.
While growing up in Florida, Shannon has competed in several beauty pageants. She was the Miss Pasco County Fair 2000, Miss Mid-State 2001, and Miss Tri-County in 2002.

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