Sunday, 24 July 2011

Rajon Rondo Profile & Images 2011

Rajon Rondo Profile, Basic Information
Team:     Boston Celtics
Position:     point guard
Jersey Number:     9
Height:     6-1 / 1.85 m
Weight:     171 lbs. / 77.6 kg.
Nickname:     -
All-Star:     2 (2010 and 2011)
NBA Titles:     NBA Championship Trophy 1 - 2008 (Celtics)
Born:     February 22, 1986 in Louisville, Kentucky
High-School:     Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia
College:     University of Kentucky
Drafted:     21st pick by the Phoenix Suns in the 1st round of the 2006 NBA draft
Rajon Rondo
Rajon Rondo 
Rajon Rondo 
Rajon Rondo 
Rajon Rondo 
Rajon Rondo 
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